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Please Help Sustain the Rubicon Theatre Company




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Dear Friends:

Like many non-profits, Rubicon Theatre Company, my home theatre, is struggling. I helped found the company more than 20 years ago when my beloved friend Carl Anderson and I performed together for the last time in this world in the event that launched the company. This photo was taken right after our performance. It was an experience I will always hold dear to my heart!

I have since been a part of the Rubicon in many capacities, acting, singing, writing and designing sound. The company had just bounced back from the fires of a few years ago when the pandemic hit and the doors were temporarily closed again. To lose this precious cultural asset would be devastating spiritually and financially.

During September, the company is offering more than 30 streamed or safe-distance events in 30 days, many free or low-cost. I was privileged to perform in Music of the Knights only last week in a Safe Distance Drive-In Concert Series.

Some key supporters have created a match campaign for this month called the September Blitz Match Campaign, where your gift will go twice as far. It would mean so much to me personally if those of you who can, would give to the company’s match campaign. Anything helps! Please help preserve the arts in this devastating time. Together we will rise. To see the schedule & donate go to www.rubicontheatre.org/allrise

I wish you peace, love & light,


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