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“Jesus Christ Superstar” The Film, star Ted Neeley will be presenting a very special “Once In A Lifetime” opportunity to a limit of 5 fans this year… get ready for the “Ted Neeley In Your Home Private Screening!!” That’s right! Watch “Jesus Christ Superstar” in your living room, with your family & friends (limited to a total of only 20 fans per screening) and Ted Neeley in person, giving you background stories and answering your questions before, during or after the Film! Please see the photos & videos of our first private screening this past January on the East Coast!



All of your guests would receive signed 8x10s, merchandise and autographs/photos with Mr. Neeley!


Please Note: these private screenings aren’t for everyone. Please read carefully how these work and submit your request to us here at:



The Ted Neeley Private Screening is: $4,000 plus airfare, lodging and transportation. Limited to only 5 private screenings (1 of 5 are already booked) in the calendar year 2024. Private Screenings are only available in the Continental United States.


I’ve been living to see you… at your place!!


Private Concerts


More information coming soon!